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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is my deposit payment handled?

    Your reservation payment, which is refundable under the terms of your Reservation Agreement (less banking fees), will ultimately be held in an IOLTA Public Service Trust Account x6758, Bank of America, N.A. (“Trust Account”), which is regulated under Supreme Court Rule 43, State of Arizona, United States of America, and for which the law firm of Nick Dranias Law & Policy Analysis LLC serves as trustee (“Trustee”) pursuant to its client trust agreement with Próspera Land SPV 1 LLC (“Trust Agreement”). If you elect to pay using PayPal services, your funds (net of previously charged PayPal banking fees) will first be received by the Trustee’s PayPal merchant account, which is also subject to the Trust Agreement, whereupon the Trustee will promptly transfer such funds to the Trust Account. If you elect to pay using a bank wire transfer, your funds (net of previously charged banking fees) will be received directly by the Trust Account.

  • Is the deposit the same ($4,770) per unit regardless of the anticipated value of the unit?

    The reservation deposit for all units is the same regardless of the anticipated purchase price. Your Reservation Agreement contains all legally binding terms relating to your $4,770 deposit.

  • Will there be an opportunity to mortage against the units? Is there a bank selected and if so, what are the terms and fees?

    This is not yet determined but we are working to find lending partners who will provide mortgages. Prospective buyers, however, are encouraged to source their own financing.

  • Is Honduras Próspera a gated community?

    They say good fences make bad neighbors. We are integrated in the fabric a very stable and friendly Roatan population. We have security, but no fences.