Próspera Development Progress

Beta Building

Completed in February 2021, the Beta Building was the first real estate development completed in Próspera. As a fully-equipped Class A office building, the Beta Building provides private offices, co-working spaces, and common areas for up to 75 employees. The building was developed by Honduras Próspera Inc. and reached full occupancy within 6 months of delivery. Designed by Taller ACA, the building has been featured in architectural outlets such as Arch Daily.

Image 1 of Beta Building
Image 2 of Beta Building
Image 3 of Beta Building
Image 4 of Beta Building
Image 5 of Beta Building
Image 6 of Beta Building

Beta Offices

The Beta Offices were constructed with a modular design to provide a customizable and expandable office space option. Completed in mid-2021, the offices were designed by native Honduran Max Medina, with Laboratory for Visionary Architecture (LAVA). An expansion was completed in early 2022 to accommodate increased demand for commercial office space. The building was featured in TRAMA, a Salvadoran architectural publication. A limited number of offices are still available for lease at this location as of May 2022. Please contact us to learn more about leasing a Beta Office space.

Image 1 of Beta Offices
Image 2 of Beta Offices
Image 3 of Beta Offices

Pristine Bay

Pristine Bay is Roatán's premiere resort. Pristine Bay features beautiful standalone villas with breathtaking water views. The resort boasts numerous amenities, including a Beach Club, bars, restaurants, pools, and more. Pristine Bay is home to the Bay Islands' only 18 hole golf course, designed by Pete Dye and ranked among the top 100 courses in the world. Villas are available for purchase and short-term rental. Contact Pristine Bay to inquire about availability.

Image 1 of Pristine Bay
Image 2 of Pristine Bay
Image 3 of Pristine Bay
Image 4 of Pristine Bay
Image 5 of Pristine Bay
Image 6 of Pristine Bay

Las Verandas

Located along Roatán's beautiful Northern Shore, Las Verandas features a first-class hotel and several standalone villas. All residents and guests enjoy private beach access, situated alongside Roatán's world-famous coral reef. Contact Las Verandas to make a reservation.

Image 1 of Las Verandas
Image 2 of Las Verandas
Image 3 of Las Verandas
Image 4 of Las Verandas
Image 5 of Las Verandas
Image 6 of Las Verandas

Duna Residences

Developed by Apolo Group, Duna Residences are a beautiful, economical housing option in Próspera. Duna Phase 1 is currently under construction and scheduled for completion in Q1 2023. Duna is a mixed-use development, with over 1500 square meters of commercial and retail space in Phase 1, along with 82 residences. A limited number of residences are available for presale. Please contact Apolo Group for more information.

A newly created interactive 3D Model of Duna is available, allowing users to view each floor and residential unit in detail. Check it out here!

Image 1 of Duna Residences
Image 2 of Duna Residences
Image 3 of Duna Residences
Image 4 of Duna Residences
Image 5 of Duna Residences
Image 6 of Duna Residences
Image 7 of Duna Residences
Image 8 of Duna Residences
Image 9 of Duna Residences
Image 10 of Duna Residences
Image 11 of Duna Residences
Image 12 of Duna Residences

Circular Factory

Circular Factory is a modular construction manufacturing facility that uses robotic technology to create customized construction components using local labor and materials. This methodology enables the construction of aesthetically striking structures at a fraction of the cost of traditional site-build methods. Their facility in Roatán is currently under development.

Image 1 of Circular Factory
Image 2 of Circular Factory
Image 3 of Circular Factory
Image 4 of Circular Factory
Image 5 of Circular Factory
Image 6 of Circular Factory
Image 7 of Circular Factory
Image 8 of Circular Factory
Image 9 of Circular Factory

LEAF Residences

LEAF Residences are efficiency residences for young professionals starting their careers. The residences are designed to be maximize functional space, providing an attractive and affordable living solution. LEAF is designed to integrate with the natural environment of Roatán. LEAF Residences are currently in the planning stages, with a render of the completed units below. Two prototype units have been completed, which are also pictured below. If you're interest in a LEAF Residence, please contact us to learn more!

Image 1 of LEAF Residences
Image 2 of LEAF Residences
Image 3 of LEAF Residences
Image 4 of LEAF Residences
Image 5 of LEAF Residences
Image 6 of LEAF Residences


Beyabu is a luxury condominium development designed by Zaha Hadid Architects. These modern residences offer a premium living environment designed by the world’s premier architects. Beyabu residences are customizable using a digital configuration tool, and designed using a modular kit of parts. Combining this innovative process with robotic construction technology allows residents to access a premier residence at affordable prices. Beyabu Phase 1 is currently planned for groundbreaking in 2023. Please contact us to reserve a residence!

Image 1 of Beyabu
Image 2 of Beyabu
Image 3 of Beyabu

Community Garden

Próspera team members have created a community garden space for the production of fresh fruits and vegetables. The garden is maintained by members of the community, and the produce is used in farm-to-table meals served on site.

Image 1 of Community Garden
Image 2 of Community Garden
Image 3 of Community Garden

Amity Age Academy

The Bitcoin Education Center, Amity Age Academy, provides educational tools and resources to help individuals understand how to use Bitcoin. They also assist merchants and business owners with accepting Bitcoin and using it to grow their business. The business is home to Roatán&apops;s first Bitcoin ATM. The academy is located atop a vista within Pristine Bay, with some of the most breathtaking views on Roatán.

Image 1 of Amity Age Academy
Image 2 of Amity Age Academy
Image 3 of Amity Age Academy

Scuba Shop Roatán

The Scuba Shop opened in 2021 and provides diving services for guests and visitors to the Pristine Bay Resort.

Image 1 of Scuba Shop Roatán
Image 2 of Scuba Shop Roatán